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Trip to recent past times!
March 31, 2009
Hello! I'm running on a new server so if anything breaks let me know! Besides that, you should check out some of my new galleries like Aluplastor, Agricole, Scheveningen Radio, KTM and some older stuff like St. Josef and the Unfinished subway in charleroi! Urbex not? Be sure to check out the gallery of the dutch singer Carola Smit. From Double Trouble to a full blown solo carrer, for over 25 yeas Carola has been one of the best performing dutch singers in the netherlands.
New Updates!
June 6, 2008
Thanks to everyone who visited my new site in the past few weeks. Thank you for all the nice feedback! Now, I still have hundreds of pics left unprocessed in my archives. I just processed some of the more well known locations like Squathouse Antwerp, Boormalt, Weeshuis As, Rochendaal and Koramic. And also ofcourse some lesser known stuff like the Standart and a Limoges Fuelstation. I have also combined all non categorized locations, small misc stuff and places which don't have their own gallery. Enjoy the Unlocated Gallery. And that's not it! Finally explored the new Noord-Zuidlijn in Amsterdam! This could be the most interresting contruction site i have ever visited! Enjoy!
Welcome to my new and improved website!
May 18th, 2008
It's finally here! Explore the new looks and functions as you browse through the site. Work will continue over the next weeks to add more photos and content! For your enjoyment I've added some new (and old) galleries too: Filature Favreuil - French Caves - Grand Moulins Marquette - Sint Elisabethknliniek - Swimmingpool 't Schalk and Rijksschool voor meisjes. Hope you enjoy the new site! Here's some more nice starting point tags too: urbex, hallway, door, stairs, liege or industry or whatever else you can think of. Try the new search!
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